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Meet the doctors

Dr. Steve Karagiannis
Bayside, North Strand, Raheny, Rathmines

Dr. Steve Karagiannis is the founder and owner of SkinCheck Ireland. He is an Australian Skin Cancer Doctor as well as a GP.

His special interest and training is in Early Skin Cancer Detection using Dermoscopy which is the gold standard for detecting melanoma at its earliest identifiable stage.He is a member of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and his approach to skin checks is quite simple — if you are worried that your mole or skin lesion could be a skin cancer, then you should be seen, diagnosed and treated in the community by a doctor trained in the use of Dermoscopy as soon as possible. He divides his time between running his various SkinCheck Clinics, working as a GP in Dublin and returning to Australia on a regular basis for further training in early skin cancer detection in order to maintain and improve his clinical skills. In December 2015 he completed training in Dermoscopy and Malignant Melanoma detection in the USA which was run by the well known Mayo Clinic.

Dr Steve has a Professional Diploma of Dermoscopy obtained through the University of Queensland as well as Professional Diploma of Skin Cancer Medicine obtained through The Bond University, Queensland. In February 2019 he completed further training in Advanced Skin Cancer Medicine in Melbourne.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Dermatopathology Workshop - Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology, Melbourne, November 2019
  • Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy – London, March 2019
  • Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine – Melbourne, February 2019
  • 9th World Meeting of Interdisciplinary Melanoma/Skin Cancer Centers – Barcelona, November 2018
  • Professional Diploma of Skin Cancer Medicine – Bond University, QLD, Australia, April 2018
  • Professional Diploma of Dermoscopy –University of Qeensland, Australia, September 2017
  • Advanced Dermoscopy Certificate– University of QLD, Australia, December 2016
  • Certificate in Advanced Dermoscopy – Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology, Melbourne, October 2016
  • Professional Certificate in Dermoscopy – University of QLD, Australia, August 2016
  • Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Therapeutics– Melbourne, February 2016
  • 10th Annual Practical Course in Dermoscopy and Update on Malignant Melanoma– Mayo Clinic, USA, December 2015
  • 4th World Congress of Dermoscopy and Skin Imaging– Vienna, April 2015
  • Certificate in Advanced Dermatoscopy and Histopathology– Melbourne, February 2015
  • Certificate in the Prevention and Early Detection of Skin Cancer in General Practice– Melbourne, August, 2014
  • Advanced Dermatoscopy Course– London, September 2014
  • International Short Course in Dermoscopy– Graz, Austria, July 2014
  • Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine– Melbourne, Feb 2014
  • Certificate in Dermoscopy– Cardiff, September 2012
  • SSCA – Member of Skin Cancer College Australasia
  • FRACGP – Fellow of the Australian College of General Practitioners
  • MICGP – Member of the Irish College of General Practitioners
  • MRCGP – Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, UK
  • ECAM – Member of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine
  • PCSA – Member of the Primary Care Surgical Association of Ireland
Dr David Brennan
Rathmines - Wed 1pm - 7pm,

Dr. David Brennan is an Irish GP with a special interest in Dermoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine. He graduated from UCD Medicine with a first class honours degree and went on to complete his GP training with the HSE Trinity College GP training. As well as working in Irish hospitals and GP clinics, he has gained significant experience working in New Zealand and sub-Saharan Africa.

He currently divides his time between working as a GP in Kilkenny and SkinCheck Rathmines from 1pm to 7pm every Wednesday
He has a keen interest in dermoscopy and early diagnosis of skin cancer.
Dr Brennan has completed a one year internship in SkinCheck with Dr. Steve Karagiannis. Due his work ethic, willingness to learn, upskill and grasping the concepts of Skin cancer Medicine quite rapidly, Dr Steve has decided to add him to the team.

He has also completed the Advanced Certificate in Dermoscopy from the Primary Care Dermatology Society in London in March 2019 and is attending the International Short Course in Dermoscopy in Graz, Austria in July 2019.

Qualifications and Experience
Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy - London, March 2019
International Course in Dermoscopy - Graz, Austria. July 2019
1-year internship in Early Skin Cancer Detection and Dermoscopy - SkinCheck Ireland - July 2018 to July 2019
Dr. Janet Brady
Greystones - Wed - 9.30am to 6.30pm
Dr Brady will be out of the country January to June 2020 so there will be no Greystones Clinic during the period
Dr. Janet Brady is an Irish trained General Practitioner with a special interest in Skin Cancer Medicine.  She is a graduate of both University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin. She has spent the last two years working alongside Dr. Steve in the Skincheck clinic in Rathmines and is head of our SkinCheck Clinic in Greystones.
She has completed further training in Dermoscopy and has a Professional Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine through the Bond University, Queensland. She has also undertaken additional training in Cryosurgery and Skin Surgery through the Primary Care Surgical Association and the Primary Care Dermatology Society respectively. She divides her time between the SkinCheck Clinic in Greystones and her work as a General Practitioner. She will also be developing the Corporate Screening aspect of SkinCheck.
Qualifications and experience:
  • PCDS Skin Surgery course, Leeds, United Kingdom May 2019
  • Advanced Dermosocpy course, London, United Kingdom, February 2019
  • Professional Certificate in Skin Cancer medicine, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, December 2018
  • 5th World Congress in Dermoscopy, Thessaloniki, Greece, June 2018
  • Primary Care Dermatology Society of Ireland, Annual scientific meeting, March 2018
  • Interactive Dermoscopy workshop, Primary care Dermatology Society, Edinburgh, December 2017
  • Irish Association of Dermatology Annual Conference, December 2017
  • Cryosurgery Masterclass and Minor Surgery Conference, Primary Care Surgical Association, September 2017