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Latest News from Skincheck:

Due to an increase in demand for appointments, positive feedback from our patients about the service we provide, SkinCheck is proud to announce the addition of Dr Janet Brady and Dr David Brennan to the team.
Both doctors have undergone intensive and advanced training in Dermoscopy and Early Skin Cancer Detection both in Ireland and the UK and both have spent over a year working alongside Dr Steve.

Dr. David Brennan is an Irish GP with a special interest in Dermoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine. He graduated from UCD Medicine with a first class honours degree and went on to complete his GP training with the HSE Trinity College GP training. Due his work ethic, willingness to learn and grasping the concepts of Skin Cancer Medicine quite rapidly, Dr Steve has added him to the SkinCheck team.

Dr Brennan will be working in Rathmines 1pm to 7pm every Wednesday

Dr. Janet Brady is an Irish trained General Practitioner with a special interest in Skin Cancer Medicine.  She is a graduate of both University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin. She has spent the last two years working alongside Dr. Steve in the Rathmines Clinic  She has completed further training in Dermoscopy and has a Professional Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine through the Bond University, Queensland. She has also undertaken additional training in Cryosurgery and Skin Surgery through the Primary Care Surgical Association and the Primary Care Dermatology Society respectively.

Dr Brady will be working in the Greystones Clinic every Wednesday 930am to 630pm

Full Body Skin Check for Adults €100 – Children €70

Single Lesion Spot Check for Adults €70 – Children €50

No GP Referral Required

header18_bSkinCheck is based on the Australian model of an easily accessible, affordable and convenient way of having your moles looked at in the community without the need for a GP referral. Dr Steve Karagiannis is an Australian Skin Cancer Doctor as well as a GP and has had extensive training in early skin cancer detection. He is happy to see Adults and Children who are concerned about suspicious skin lesions. He examines each mole using a Dermatoscope which is the gold standard used to detect early signs melanoma. If something suspicious is detected, a photograph is taken using the MoleMate Skin Imaging Camera and shown to the patient. Dr Steve will excise the lesion himself on the same day if time permits and send it to the hospital for pathological analysis; otherwise it is excised in the following few days. Often people have skin lesions that can only be described as ‘somewhat suspicious’. These lesions are photographed and the patient is asked to return in 3-6 months for a comparison photograph to assess for any changes ie. ‘mole mapping’. If changes are noted then the lesion is excised.

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Please note Availability before choosing Date and Clinic Location:
Rathmines Clinic – Morning booked up till 9th October
Rathmines Clinic – Afternoon booked up till 2nd October
North Strand Clinic – Booked up till 5th September
Bayside Clinic – Booked up till 2nd September
Raheny Clinic – Booked up till 5th October
Greystones Clinic – Booked up till 28th August
Please ask to be put on the cancellation list if you still prefer one of the above dates as we do get cancellations on a weekly basis

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Bayside – Mon, Tue, Thur, Frid 8:20am – 9:20am and 2:30pm – 5:00pm
North Strand – Mon, Tue, Thur, Frid 10:30am – 12pm
Rathmines – Wed 7am – 12pm
Rathmines – Wed 1pm – 7pm (Dr Brennan)
Greystones – Wed 9:30am -12:30pm and 3:30pm – 6:30pm (Dr Brady)
Raheny – Sat 8am – 11am   (Cash or Cheque Only)

To secure the booking a member of our staff will be in contact to take Visa or Debit Card Details via Phone.

A €40 ‘No Show Fee’ will be applied if you do not show up to your appointment.

No Charge will be applied if you cancel your appointment.

Dr Steve Karagiannis is a Fellow of the Skin Cancer Institute

  • Very good professional care. Mole removed same day. Awaiting histology results. Clinic worth recommendation.

  • I felt at ease and comfortable throughout the examination. I would recommend him 100%

  • Treatment was very professional. Doctor was friendly, competent and communicated well. All in all very worthwhile visit.

  • Very pleased. He did total body check including freckle I wanted checked - All clear and was very happy with the professionalism.

  • "highly recommended, pleasant manner, cheaper than a Dermatologist and just as good"

  • " had a mole check in the morning and he removed it that evening, great service"

  • " explained everything as he went along and reassured me"

  • "Thorough professional job!"

  • "My visit to SkinCheck was really helpful and informative. "