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Minor Surgical Procedures

Skin Tag Removal

I perform skin tag removal in one of two ways depending on the size and number of  skin tags the patient presents with. For small skin tags I use liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tags and they generally fall off after 1-2 weeks. This is called cryotherapy. For larger skin tags I numb the surrounding area with lignocaine and then either cut the skin tags off with a scissors or scalpel and then use a diathermy pen (a heated pen) to stop the bleeding. The advantage being that the skin tag is removed immediately.

Price: €70 to €150 depending on number of skin tags and procedure used.

Ingrown Toe Nail Removal

This is quite a common problem for many people and usually the only solution is to perform a Wedge Excision of the nail that has grown sideways into the skin. This performed by first numbing the big toe with local anesthetic and then cutting away part of the nail (usually 2-3mm) and removing it at its matrix component so that  part of the nail does not grow back into the skin again. The procedure takes approximately 20-30mins .

Price: €150