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Corporate Screening

Dr Janet Brady and Dr David Brennan have taken over the Corporate Screening aspect of SkinCheck

To arrange on-site screening please contact Hugh Grennan of MDAL Safety Solutions on 0872320346 or as he arranges everything to do with Corporate Screening

Price: dependent on number of employees involved in screening and location.

In September 2016, Dr Steve completed Corporate Screening for a large Pharmaceutical Company in Dublin.

307 employees with no particular concerns were screened over six non consecutive days
22 suspicious lesions in 18 employees were detected
7 were confirmed skin cancers called Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
2 were pre-cancerous lesions called Actinic Keratosis
The rest were either various benign lesions or are still waiting histological diagnosis.
In summary 1 in 17 employees screened were noted to have a lesion that required further action.