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On the day

Below is a summary of how I perform my Skin Checks on Adults and Children.

1. Patient comes in with a number of moles or skin lesions they would like looked at. In this case, the patient has numerous moles.

2. This is the dermatoscope I use to examine all the moles from top to bottom one by one, including behind the ears, between the toes and soles of the feet.

3. When I look through the Dermatoscope this is what each mole looks like.

4. A suspicious looking mole is noted and the Mole Mate Imaging System is used to photograph the mole.

5. The photograph taken is analysed with Siascopy Technology which looks at different layers of the skin and the following images are generated.

6. After the images are analysed I will immediately inform the patient if:

A – lesion looks benign and the patient is reassured

B – lesion needs to be excised as it may be a skin cancer

C – lesion needs to be re-photographed in 3 months for comparison